Environmental Policy

VO is a communication group based in Brussels for the past 30 years. We support private and institutional clients with everything from advice and strategy to implementation, while providing communication in all its forms (event, graphic, digital, artistic, technological), including content creation.

As active members of society, it is our duty to play our part in contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are convinced that respect for the environment and for human beings must be the natural corollary of economic development, innovation and creativity. For us, it is the expression of values that allow us to face the future together and to guarantee a positive future for coming generations. This conviction is not just a statement of belief; it is also translated into solid commitments, as well as a results obligation with regard to our internal management and our office management and, above all, with regard to our communication and event activities.

VO's environmental commitments

VO aims to be a driver of innovation and change for the sector and to accelerate transition by developing partnerships with our stakeholders (customers, suppliers and partners) in order to mutually increase our positive impact on the environment.

VO is also committed to using its environmental management system to improve its activities with regard to the Sustainable Development Goals, from a position of continuous improvement, and in compliance with its regulatory obligations in terms of the environment, health and safety, both at our Stalle site and in the field.

In our support/office activities (Stalle site):

- Gain a better understanding of and reduce our energy consumption.
- Raise staff awareness of digital sobriety practices.
- Give preference to supplies and suppliers that meet sustainable criteria.
- Encourage employees to opt for more sustainable modes of transport.
- Prevent and sort waste.

In our event and communication activities:

- Design our projects in a more sustainable way.
- More specifically, within our events business:
- Minimise greenhouse gas emissions linked to the mobility of participants and service providers.
- Promote certified, local and seasonal food.
- Prevent and manage waste better.
- Give preference to materials and equipment from the circular economy.
- Choose best-practice venues (certified, energy self-sufficiency, etc.)
- Aim for digital sobriety.
- Minimise impact on biodiversity. 

More specifically within our communication activities:

- Reduce our energy consumption by scaling back and controlling the data stored and transmitted and by opting for ecological storage providers.
- Design our digital productions sustainablyMinimise the environmental impact of activities (filming or press conferences) by applying the same requirements as for any event.
- Improve and train our teams in environmentally-friendly printing techniques (paper, ink, etc.) and encourage the reuse of printed materials.

- Ensure the design and production of inclusive projects that respect the working conditions of all stakeholders.
- Systematically measure the environmental impact of our communication and event activities (using our measurement tools – Carbon Footprint and the My Impact Tool).
- Offset our residual emissions, with a particular focus on local, long-term, sustainable projects.
- Train our teams to better detect and fight against greenwashing, and raise awareness among our customers in this respect.

Our yearly CSR Report 2022 is available here.
Version of 22nd of June 2022.