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Since the beginning, VO Event, along with the entire VO Group, have been committed to strong values. Certain key partnerships from the 2000s onwards have enabled the agencies to embark on the delivery of sustainable projects and, in parallel, on a profound internal transition focused on controlling its impact as a company.  

In 2016, the agency decided to formalise this position and, at the same time, implement a programme of actions to reduce the impact of its activities. Building on that foundation, VO now wants to make a difference and contribute positively to overall value by doing what is necessary to ensure that we can act and achieve the global objectives together.   

Linking communication and sustainability. 

Maintaining our human values. 

Implementing our principles internally while being consistent in all our offerings. 

Helping our clients to achieve their goals and communicate them. 

These are our priorities. 

Our action plan 

  • Reduce the impact of our activites  

Circular Event Toolkit 

In this context, we have developed a tool called the Circular Event Toolkit. A toolbox that allows to integrate the principles of the circular economy in any event conception. This tool is practical, accessible to all and evolutive. It was developed with the support of Brussels-Capital Region as part of the Be Circular programme and is available in open source on the website: www.circular-event.eu 

  • Calculate our impact 

The expertise to reduce our impact as much as possible being developed, it is important to measure this impact precisely on all projects. On the one hand to understand which aspects are the most polluting, but also to draw conclusions for future projects and to be able to advise our clients better. To this end, we have developed My Impact Tool - a tool to calculate our efforts and impact on 4 different poles: Circularity, Biodiversity, Sustainable Development Goals and Carbon footprint. 

In-house carbon footprint calculation tools 

Although offsetting is not an end in itself, calculation of the CO2 balance remains an invaluable indicator for measuring the environmental impact of our activities. Despite all our efforts and actions, we are aware that a project, event or communication campaign will always have an impact, however small. To be able to calculate this carbon footprint, VO has been investing in the development of three tools: Campaigns calculator, Live events and Hybrid & virtual events. 

  • Re-establishing equilibrium 

Although reducing our impact is the main pillar, we have developed a network of Belgian partners enabling us to act on different levels in order to restore the balance by activating different actions on the level of biodiversity, CO2, avoiding food waste, recycling materials at the end of their life, etc. 

VO Event is committed to raise awareness among all project stakeholders of the need to move towards more sustainable alternatives of event communication management. 

Download our CSR charter here to find out more about our actions. 

Our global Environmental policy is available on VO Group website.