For 30 years, VO Event has been one of the top events agencies in Brussels and Belgium. VO Event creates unique, thrilling experiences for all to enjoy, giving your events purpose and leaving attendees with a lasting impression.

We see the changes in our world as opportunities: opportunities to develop our skills and make full use of technological developments so that we can continually improve our ideas.

Working as a team within a specialist communications group means that we can offer high-tech, people-friendly and environmentally-responsible events with an unrivalled impact.

Our team is a shrewd mix of experience and youth, drawing on these values to fuel its creativity in the face of the challenges our clients set us. Our aim is to constantly reinvent ourselves and to push further by rewriting the rules of events communication.

Bold? No doubt, but surely being bold is the best motivator?

Member of VO

VO Event is member of VO, communication and leisure group.