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Without human capital, no event! by Alexandre Velleuer

24 August 2018

Without human capital, without all that know-how that has accumulated within the agency, without the skills, talents, abilities, and experience of all the individuals dedicated to organizing an event, the apotheosis on E-Day simply couldn’t take place. That´s been amply proven.

The profession of event organizer is ultra-human. Human, of course, in the trust relationship that one must build with the client. Human in the communication that must be established and maintained with the guests. Human, finally, in the efforts of the teams that work together so that the magic can happen. It is from this human capital, from this sum of people who constitute the whole, that the event’s success will also depend - and so it most certainly mustn’t be neglected.


The expertise at the heart of human capital     

Organising an event cannot (or at any rate cannot any longer) be summarized as setting up the tables and putting two roll-ups in a hall. Also gone are the days when the account was a sort of G.I. Joe of events who did everything. Today, events have grown more complex, advanced technologies are involved, and every client wishes to stand out from his competitors. Result: the human capital of the agency must be based on expertise. Putting together teams of competent people, each having an added value in one or more fields, capable of speaking several languages and adapting themselves to the client´s sector.

Also essential: each «consultant» must continue to learn. The agency plays an essential role here, since it´s the agency´s job to perfect the competencies of its human capital so that they always remain up-to-date. Language courses, collaborative reflection workshops, introduction to the latest digital technologies, etc. are regularly organised at VO.


Creating a positive dynamic for the team, for the event

Establishing a positive human dynamic within the teams and between all employees is another important point. In this profession - where the stress is constant, where the schedules are highly variable - remaining motivated, being 100% engaged at all times, sticking together in every situation, even the most unexpected, are not optional if one wishes to guarantee the success of the client´s event.

We saw this again recently: forty-eight hours before the opening of a 3,000 m2 pop-up concept store for a major client in southern Europe, it was necessary for us to find a different place to the one initially chosen. When the teams arrived on site for the assembly, they discovered that the place was taking on water, in the most literal sense of the term! A catastrophe….

Thanks to the human capital, we were able to deal with it. It was necessary to discuss, adjust, manage the crisis, and find solutions. Despite the urgency, despite certain suppliers dropping out on us, we remained a calm, well-oiled team, and in two days performed what we had taken two months to prepare. The human capital achieved miracles, the concept store could receive its guests as planned but at a different place in the city. We succeeded…

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