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What does your audience need these days?

15 September 2021

A year and a half after the arrival of COVID and its impact on our lifestyles, numerous studies attest to the permanent changes in our society and in the opinions of citizens, workers and consumers.

A need for meaning

For example, according to a survey carried out by SD Worx, 48% of companies will continue to allow staff to work from home, even though this has given rise to recognised flaws: lack of social contact and collective competition, isolation, monotony, and loss of meaning and motivation (ABCI & UCL). On the employee side, there is a desire for more flexibility and autonomy in order for staff to look after their well-being without constraint (Liantis HR). So how can we bridge this physical and emotional gap?

At VO Event, we are convinced that the return of events will help meet this challenge. Corporate events have always been a powerful communication tool, and will continue to play such a role in the future - provided that they adapt as well, just as every other mode of communication has had to adapt.

More than ever, vision and values are questions that must be at the focus of any event in order to draw the public to the company's mission and give meaning to the daily work done by everyone.

A need to have experiences and be part of a community

Having human beings at the centre is the second major focus. Employees will need periods of shared relaxation and time to exchange. No more busy schedules - it’s time to meet up and share. Providing a different, innovative experience, in complete safety, which will enable every employee to reconnect with the company and with each other for the long term, is the real objective of the internal event of tomorrow.

On the consumer side, there is a need for authenticity and transparency.

Research by Opinionway for Salesforce shows that 63% of consumers are now more attentive to companies' commitments.  Relationships are no longer being built solely at the time of the sale, taking into account just the product or service. Trust is built before, during and after the act of purchase. […]

Here again, we are convinced that a customer event is a powerful tool for conveying one's story and ambitions, and for contributing to the creation of a community around shared values. A launch, a stand, an activity, whether live, digital or hybrid, will allow you to reach your target audience in a way other than through selling products, by getting across your messages and reinforcing commitment to your brand.

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