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VO launches the VO Academy!

15 December 2020
vo academy

The health crisis has shaken the world as we know it, and even more so the everyday life of an event agency. VO has been far from being inactive, exploring, reinventing itself and trying to make the best of this somewhat unusual year, thanks in particular to its professional approach, which continues to best serve clients whose desire to communicate in an impactful way is more evident than ever. As a result, the agency is launching a project aimed at raising the level of expertise of all its employees - the VO Academy. 

What does the VO Academy consist of?

The Academy offers a series of digital training courses intended for and open to all our staff. The aim is to share expertise on various subjects: digital, CSR, security, communication and HR.

There is a programme of online courses for each of these subjects, delivered by members of VO, sometimes with the help of external speakers. This is offered to all of the staff on a voluntary basis and with no restriction to participation. The objective is to enable everyone to deepen or develop expertise that has been acquired elsewhere in the agency or in the group.

From purely unilateral training to participative workshops, including virtual Labs, different LEARN / MAKE / THINK formats are offered depending on the subject and the participants who have signed up.

Which programme?

The training courses are spread over 3 months so as not to interfere with each individual's work schedule. The programme includes numerous business-orientated sessions such as the Circular Event Toolkit, cyber security, gamification, storytelling, virtual event forms, and the development of health protocols, as well as sessions focused on personal development and well-being such as home-working management, the use of new tools, resilience, co-creation, etc.

What are the results?

After one week of training, the results are very positive, both in terms of the number of registered participants and the interest shown in the subjects, and in the way the different sessions took place, which is a great opportunity to renew links with colleagues from other teams that we no longer see when working from home. While a sense of community and the human aspects were not the primary objectives of this academy, they are clearly a key part of this launch week.