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VO Event and Studio Gondo - the art of the creative duo by Fabian Vanhouche

15 March 2019
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Integrate an artist's sensitivity and vision into an event and it will take on a new dimension. To do this, VO Event can count on Studio Gondo, a finder of creative talent and designer of unique experiences that strikes the right note among brands and companies.

Since its creation in late 2017, Studio Gondo has established itself as a repository of artistic ideas for the VO group. Our agency is one of its regular customers. A dynamic cultural expert, Studio Gondo has developed a talent for connecting once disparate worlds - the world of art and the world of companies and brands. “Our experience makes it easier to build a bridge between these two worlds, which are not used to working together,” says Gilles Parmentier, Managing Director of the studio. “The key is to understand the client's needs in depth and then expose them to the vision of one or more artists. Then they can be merged into a shared view and a unique, personalised work.”

To do this, it is essential to be brought into the project from the first brainstorming session. This involves defining as accurately as possible the DNA, the past, the present and the future of the company, pushing the strategic thinking further, specifically leading to bold storytelling that makes sense.

To find such solutions, the Gondo team deploys flexibility and active curiosity in all areas of modern creation: exhibitions, festivals, concerts, workshops, artistic collections, design, fashion - even high-flying restaurants. In short, wherever innovative creation manifests itself.

Proximus, Unicef, Deloitte… 3 examples, all art forms in themselves!

Since its birth, Studio Gondo has been working with VO Event, proving its worth on projects brought to the table by one or the other. The following three recent achievements are proof of this.


Proximus – Night of ICT

For its annual “Night of ICT” in November 2018, the Belgian ISP opted for an added layer of art in total harmony with the chosen venue: the Kanal - Centre Pompidou. The challenge? Use various immersive artistic displays to visualise the evolution of man within technology while showcasing the venue.

The unprecedented collaboration between French master of light Romain Tardy and choreographer Leslie Mannès produced dance tableaux transcended by an interplay of light symbolising innovation and new technology. As soon as the guests entered Kanal, they were involved - immersed - in the heart of a sensitive and intriguing choreographic experience. VO Event's expertise in organisational, logistical and technical aspects did the rest.


Unicef – EduAction Day

A month earlier, again at Kanal, the VO Event-Studio Gondo duo put together a varied one-day programme of talks, workshops and performances for Unicef Belgium's donors. Under the title EduAction Day, Studio Gondo brought together a wide range of artists - from Denis Meyers, to poster artist Teresa Sdralevich and musical performer Bai Kamara Jr. Through this, nearly 1,000 people discovered a different way of viewing projects supporting the education of children, through testimonies from and meetings with experts and artists.


Deloitte – DiverCities

Following its Impact Day, the international consulting firm commissioned VO Event to organise an event in line with its socio-cultural commitment. The result will be DiverCities, a concept based on a dual theme: the world's major cities and their cultural diversity, a value close to Deloitte’s heart.

Associated from the outset with an eye for high creative potential, Studio Gondo has developed a performance programme that reflects the spirit of the various cities and the place of the human being in them. The staff will therefore be meeting up next June at the Docks Bruxsel for an evening of immersion, to witness everything that the street world can nowadays produce and that the world finds challenging.


Gondo in VO

Bringing together artistic research and operational expertise therefore ignites sparks at the service of companies, brands and institutions, an ethos that is everything Studio Gondo stands for. Indeed, how many people know the origin of the label? Answer from Gilles Parmentier: “As a novice painter, Magritte had a studio at the bottom of his garden. He mainly produced posters and advertising designs for brands. He named this workshop Dongo after the relationship between art and brands. We very quickly chose to call ourselves Gondo.”


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