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VO does event-based incentives too!

06 March 2019
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Welcome to the incentive offer that takes customers and their staff on a journey. For the past 4 years, VO has been designing tailor-made, original and surprising corporate trips. Event expertise taken a step further...

There is nothing like a well-planned and coordinated trip to reward, unite and motivate your employees. This is the principle behind the incentives which VO has been involved in for several years - but in its own way of course! Two areas of expertise are combined - that of a pure incentive agency and that of an event agency. This is why VO only comes up with custom-made products with added value and meaning, unlike tour operators, who focus mainly on offering standard services. VO goes further, according to 3 focal areas.


Story and values - a storytelling base for each project

VO profiles each incentive in a personalised concept adapted to the customer, the expectations, the profile of the guests, the customer’s values and/or the message to be conveyed. Every corporate trip must be a well-planned event that tells a story.

For Alter Domus in 2018, 1,350 employees from all over the world were invited to celebrate the company's 15th anniversary - and to strengthen internal cohesion. Given the impressive growth of the company, VO proceeded on the assumption that it would take more than a 3-day trip to create a real bond between all the employees.

We suggested working well in advance to initiate an interaction process that would boost the strength and unifying impact of the event. We put together international and cosmopolitan teams, tasked with creating a line of clothing with the support of professional designers.

On the 21st of September, after 5 months of workshops, they all came together in Genoa, where the outfits they had designed online were brought to life on professional models in a fashion show worthy of a major brand. This collection of 91 unique outfits resulting from the intercontinental co-creation generated a great deal of pride, and put into perspective the possibilities of working together on a daily basis.


Surprise and exclusivity, the keys to a unique experience

The VO incentive always has a touch of exclusivity and surprise. A consulting company has been entrusting VO with its annual trip for 9 years. Each version is completely new, a reinvention, the programme always kept secret. During a trip to Portugal, an apparently random stop along a river suddenly turned into a barbecue with a DJ and an overnight stay in luxury glamping tents. The next day, they all met up at a vineyard, in the heart of which was a group of ultramodern villas - the site of a second unprecedented experience...


Return on investment

More and more companies are asking for relaxing events, but that relate to who they are and what they do, and that have an impact on the participants. The days of free travel are over. Today the incentive, just like any B2B event, must meet its objectives and enable a difference to be made. Whether this is to unite employees, motivate sales teams, congratulate, celebrate - the programme must be well thought through in every respect to fulfil its mission, while guaranteeing a moment of diversion for the participants.  VO therefore ensures that there are integrated pre- and post-event elements, to encourage short- and long-term effects. Customer satisfaction studies are carried out to identify and measure KPIs after the project.

Our team makes the difference through its ability to see beyond the "fun" trip, through the work it does upstream in search of the best concept, and through its mantra of reinventing the codes with each project.


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