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VO and SIGN, an alliance that makes graphic sense

05 November 2019

For the past 2 years, SIGN has been supporting VO in the graphic and visual aspects of events, identity creation and communication campaigns, focusing on form and substance. Here they are.

In orbit around planet VO, which has 5 entities (VO Group, VO Event, VO Citizen, VO Europe, and VO Voice), are 3 partner satellites: SIGN, Sense, and Studio Gondo. Located at the VO group's headquarters, they bring their skills to the VO entities, but retain the ability to work for their own customers.

In the coming weeks, we will introduce you to these companies one by one. We start with SIGN.


An “all-terrain” creative entity

When it joined VO's offices in January 2018, graphic communication agency SIGN boasted 29 years of expertise in corporate and brand visual identity design. The connection between SIGN and VO will not only be physical. It will also be accompanied by the integration of the former Studio VO, led by Joëlle Cerfontaine. This will allow SIGN to expand its field of activity and become an all-terrain creative entity.

Graphic identity used to be SIGN's core business previously, but its proximity to VO has given it the opportunity to broaden its field of activity to include communication and graphic production for events. This has also been boosted by, among other things, the arrival in the team of Olivier Rensonnet, with his graphic and visual background in VO events and his very personal approach to magnifying an event.

Today, SIGN develops communication campaigns for VO Citizen and works on the graphic creation of print and digital tools for events produced by VO Event.


3 iconic SIGN-VO projects

At the core of the method is spending a lot of time with clients and companies, to “feel”, soak up, empathise. The creative team can thus make sure their creative input is in perfect harmony with the client’s expectations. In their presentation, they then propose a “narrative path of meaning” that makes their proposal clear.

SIGN, with its 7 permanent employees, is a versatile ally of VO nowadays. This is proven by 3 iconic, value-added achievements resulting from the SIGN/VO partnership:


  • Bruxs et Fixs. In 2017, the partnership resulted in a fantastic case with VO Citizen and its client the Brussels Taxation Service. In order to boost the identity and communications of the public tax service, SIGN created an animated world with 2 characters. The Bruxs and Fixs dialogues have become a must for institutional communication, demonstrating that humour and mismatch can serve a very serious institution perfectly.


  • Drohme Park. The leisure site located at the former Boitsfort racecourse needed a complete identity overhaul. SIGN was responsible for creating it at every level. Olivier Rensonnet and his empathic approach were ideal for understanding the detail and complexity of a client with multiple “heads” (the Village, the Golf Course, the Club House, the Le Pesage restaurant, the forthcoming Treetops Route, etc.). This involved brand architecture, where it was necessary to develop an identity that was both anchored in a strategic dimension and resonated with the DNA of the site and of the project's stakeholders. The result: intra-site communication, a press campaign concept, and on-site signage between the different locations. In short, a vast toolbox at the service of the site's communication needs.


  • R&I Days and Science is Wonderful. At the end of September, VO Europe, VO Event, and SIGN carried out a great transversal double for the European Commission: the Research and Innovation days (in Kanal), and the Science is Wonderful exhibition (in Tours and Taxis). These two demanding events were crowned with great success, proving that real jobs combining the skills of all the VO actors and partners are entirely relevant and necessary for the group's future strategy.

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