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The VO digital mood board - a repository of inspiring content! by Marine Truyens

30 April 2019

VO is working on the launch of a digital mood board. This will be a platform for sharing, and a repository of inspiring content, a tool to use during the concept search, brainstorming, and recommendation phases of an event. Let’s take a closer look at its strengths.

Alongside the workshops it has launched to come up with specific solutions for reinventing its codes, VO is putting the final touches to a new tool, a digital mood board. The objective: to find high-quality inspiration more quickly. This is because the mood board will allow everyone within the agency to store their research and their ideas, and to share them on the basis of the theme. The new tool will clearly be a "machine" to save time and encourage agility and a collaborative spirit.


What is a digital mood board?

A mood board is like a digital library, containing photos, documents, and other sources considered to be inspiring, to support creative work. This collection of visuals will allow VO to richly illustrate the concept proposed to clients and to instantly immerse them in the world of their future event, until, thanks to technology, this can be done in the years to come via augmented reality.


An internal, evolving tool

A team of five people from VO Event and VO Citizen has worked on the development of this mood board and its integration into the agency's working habits.

All staff will be able to pick visuals, animations, scenographic elements, etc. The advantage of this digital mood board is that there will be a single database specifically for VO that centralizes as much inspiring content as possible. It will be the best way to stop losing or letting slip the good ideas, reference points, experiences, and value-added content that VO develops during its activities and brainstorming work.


How will our mood board work?

A number of solutions are being tested and will need to be adapted to the reality and needs of the agency. It will have intuitive functionalities enabling quick searches for content that will be listed by theme, according to tags that we ourselves have defined and appended to the documents.

Each team and project manager will be able to easily discover or find inspiring elements useful for the development of the project they are working on with just a few clicks. They can then use it to feed a brainstorming session, develop a customer recommendation, and break event codes.

The test phase for this digital mood board has therefore been started, to demonstrate the relevance of each of the tools - and thus build a "library" of content, sharing the agency's creative "memory" in a single place, accessible to all when searching for inspiration. Watch this space!

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