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Reshaping events following the crisis by Alexandre Velleuer

26 August 2020

The health and economic crisis has changed the relationship between clients and agencies, as well as our way of working, forever. A revolution has occurred in the sector and, at VO Event, we intend to take advantage of this, to evolve and improve the very nature of events.


This crisis has brought with it one of the longest event-free periods ever experienced in our country. Everyone has been put on hold, forced to stop all activity or develop new projects. But this does not mean that our agency has been sitting back and twiddling its thumbs. True to its baseline of reinventing the code, VO has been adapting and reinventing itself. This temporary “calm” has allowed us to take a step back, to reflect on our business, on our way of conceiving events, on their future.


The future of events

We have refocused our values, our essence, our role. We are convinced that the benefits of events are more relevant than ever. Human beings will always need to meet up, to have social interactions, to create links, to gather around common values, to feel part of a community, to share an experience... All these needs, which have been undermined since the beginning of the health crisis, are not things of the past, but they do need to be rethought.


The challenges of tomorrow

The challenge for an agency like VO is no longer how to reach people - everyone is hyper-connected nowadays - nor how to connect with them, but how to connect them to each other and keep them engaged. While the size and format of events are evolving, the demands on the quality of the experience we will be able to offer will continue to increase.

We are also convinced that respect and empathy are drivers for our clients as well as for our agency. We understand our clients’ needs and are offering them a new relationship in line with the revolution that is taking place in our sector.


4 axes

We intend to experience this revolution that we are living through to the full, and to appreciate it, by retaining the essential elements of our job, such as fun and feeling, but by approaching it differently, through 4 axes.

Sustainability for more respectful events, co-creation for a new client/agency relationship, innovation for hybridisation of events and, finally, security to control risks are the 4 very distinct yet inextricably linked, complementary strategies. These have been among our primary drivers for a number of years, and have now been fully integrated into our working method and our offering.


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