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Process put in place by VO to think outside the box for your events by Alexandre Velleuer

27 November 2018
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“Throwing away the rule book” is the intention of VO Event and VO Citizen. To give shape, consistency and reality to this baseline, teams are implementing a programme based around 5 subject areas...

Reinventing the code. In addition to our structural improvements, our creative Lab and the network developed by the agency, VO has launched a process of reflection on the obstacles and solutions to enable all VO Event and VO Citizen employees to achieve what has become our mantra - a common will to be the most innovative, the most creative, and to offer our customers tailor-made solutions that think outside the box in line with their objectives and messages.


5 focuses, 5 solutions, 5 teams

Following a collective workshop to define and validate what this positioning covered in VO's daily practice, it became clear that this switch would only be possible through a change in habits and attitudes, and the ability to free up more time dedicated to reflection, questioning and inspiration.

This realignment would therefore require the introduction of new mechanisms determined collectively by and for the VO teams. A second meeting brought out the 5 subject areas on which the groups of 5 to 6 VO employees (Event and Citizen) would focus to reinvent the way we work and to inspire us. Each group received a dedicated budget and evolves independently to realize its mission.


  1. Be inspired by trendy coffees
  2. Facilitate sharing and collaboration on a daily basis
  3. Organise more cultural outings 
  4. Improve our brainstorming sessions
  5. Reinvent our time management


A seminar organised in January 2019 will allow each of the 5 teams to present the results of their reflections and their specific actions aimed at creating the best conditions for reinventing the code for events. An initial debriefing of the work in progress happened last week at Strokar Inside and has already demonstrated the commitment and enthusiasm of the teams ready to put their ideas into operation. We can't wait for January!

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