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Our ambition: to aim for the moon! by Manon Glauden

06 May 2019

“Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars,” wrote Oscar Wilde. At VO Event, we cultivate this positive spirit of exceeding expectations. Take a look...


The VO rocket is ready to conquer new frontiers - always with the aim of further reinventing the codes of your events, but also of underscoring our unique capacity for innovation. This blog stands as proof,, where the articles will now sit alongside videos. In this one, we asked the members of the VO Event and VO Citizen teams what their ambition was for the agency. The stars seem to be well aligned....

The potential and the desire to grow together around unifying projects are what make VO the benchmark, a benchmark that is our baseline. As an ambition, it’s wonderful: unique in its long-sightedness, versatile in the means to achieve it. Thanks to proud and accomplished teams (press play you will see!), these are values and innovative concepts that make sense and are those that  hone and sharpen “the recognisable touch”, “the signature” of VO Event, throughout Belgium and elsewhere!


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