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New technology - augmented reality at events by Alexandre Velleuer

17 September 2018
illu Techno et event

A technological phenomenon is rocking the world of events, letting attendees feel something new and experience something unique, rather than attending yet another corporate event. Let’s take a look at how augmented reality is stirring up events.

For several years, drones and holograms have been a part of fashion shows and exhibitions such as Beyond Klimt, which is taking place in Bozar from 21 September 2018 to 20 January 2019. Back in 2015, VO Event launched the new Audi A4 in a techno-art show based on the technology of mapping, playing on the optical illusion between the real and the virtual worlds. In the course of this event, attendees were given an Oculus Rift headset and were able to take a virtual tour of the saloon’s interior. All this was just a taster of the technological revolution now taking place in events.

Since then, further innovations have transformed and transcended the creativity of event organisers:

  • augmented reality
  • virtual reality
  • mixed reality
  • app event
  • chatbots
  • 4DX
  • sensory experience
  • etc.


The objective - a unique, multi-sensory, unforgettable experience, for those who are there - and even those who are not!


The event does away with the barriers of time and space

In this way, live streaming has opened up the perfect route for sharing an event with an audience not physically there. The advances in virtual reality (simulation of reality), augmented reality (digital content linked to objects in the real world) and, soon, mixed reality are expanding the prospects for engaging with people who are physically outside of the event location even further, completely removing the barriers of time and space, between the real and the virtual worlds.

One of the keys to this sensation is called HoloLens. These mixed reality glasses from Microsoft enable people, places and objects in the physical and virtual worlds to be fused into a single universe (via holograms). It is an advancement that opens the door to active interaction and participation by all, whether they are in the living room, the office or on site at the event.

But what about human contact? At VO, we are convinced that virtual human contact is already part of our way of life. Event attendees are even asking for this proven virtual technology to become part of their daily work or leisure activities. Even so, we are also convinced that real contact will never disappear. The technology may be fascinating and intriguing, but it also strengthens the need to meet people in the real world. This is why physical participation in events will not disappear.


AI and big data at the heart of events

Two other aspects of technology are revolutionising the perception of events - big data and artificial intelligence. Linked to chatbots, they pave the way for a personalised event experience like never before, with the bonus of biometric recognition.

Thanks to these technologies, attendees will be directed to an activity, a workshop or a debate in line with their skills or areas of interest; they will be addressed in their mother tongue; they will be served their preferred drink without even being asked what they want; food served to them will take into account any allergies; they will be introduced to people ideal for networking and so on.


Breaking the mould with technology

You can see that the era of events involving new technologies is basically here and will strongly contribute to breaking the mould. At VO Event, we subscribe to this dynamic evolution and aim to be a participant in the harmonious fusion between the best of the real world and of the new technologies. Our teams who are striving to make this magic happen are especially alert to this. We recently set up remote collaborations in creative workshops and via digital platforms, involving hundreds of employees in major companies scattered across the four corners of the globe. As if by magic, the fruit of their work subsequently contributed to the creation of the closing event. And this is just the start...

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