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Inspiration found “in the wild” at VO Event... by Michaël Desmet

28 February 2019
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Breathing in inspiration - that’s the ambition! VO Event and VO Citizen are experimenting with the Innovation Tour, an "urban safari" concept looking into innovative sites and projects. It’s a smart time-out, open to all VO employees looking for inspiration....

In mid-February, 15 or so people set off “on safari”. On their peaceful “kill” list: innovative ideas, the discovery of venues and a wide array of inspiring thoughts. All this comes as a result of the first Brussels Innovation Tour, designed by VO Event and VO Citizen for their staff.

The initiative comes from one of the 5 workshops that have been exploring ways for us to reinvent our codes over the past year using innovative tools, such as brainstorming boxes, the digital mood board, etc. The second edition of these new inspirational urban safaris is scheduled for the 15th of March. But what do people actually do here and to what end?


Feed your inspiration

The Innovation Tour consists of half a day of moving between amazing sites and innovative projects, via companies and structures that are preparing for the society of the future. In short, we are raising our noses from the ground, looking around, breathing in new trends, ideas and innovation in activities, to feed our thoughts. It’s a real opportunity for breathing in and rejuvenating.


The first outing visited three innovative key sites:


  • the impressive, unusual urban agricultural farm on a roof in the Anderlecht Abattoirs site, with its huge high-tech greenhouses and aquaponics basins where thousands of sea bass splash around.
  • the future FoodHall and FoodLab, venues for training and for taking a master's degree in Gastronomy, in the Gare Maritime on the Tour et Taxis site. It’s the ideal place to experience the new flavours in event catering. However, it’s also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vision and project of the developer Extensa, who is aiming to transform the site into a new covered area combining housing, offices, and public and commercial areas.
  • the Erasmushogeschool of Design and Technology and its Open Medialab. This open lab for "supervised autonomous learning" allows students or developers to create their own project in virtual reality. Several technologies are at their disposal for this purpose: chroma key, lighting, cameras, motion capture combinations, 3D scanners and computer interaction devices such as eye trackers and kinects. The VO safari operators were able to put them to the test....


Innovation as a guiding principle

Innovation and creativity lie at the heart of these urban safaris with, as a bonus, the opportunity to establish new contacts with professionals from different sectors at the forefront of modernity.

Although the first two city trips are focused on an exploration of the trendy, innovative side of commercial Brussels, the Innovation Tour does not exclude other experiences, such as journeying through the cultural world through visits to artists' and creators' studios and exhibitions. And, if the opportunity presents itself, even welcoming artists, speakers, writers and creative individuals in different fields to VO, to tell us about what they do.


Properly inspired

For VO staff, escaping from the rush of work is a rare thing; for the agency, it is an opportunity to unite colleagues around an inspiring experience, which we need to reinvent our codes.

Between relaxation and attentiveness, between openness and enrichment, the Innovation Tour concept is a vehicle for enhanced creative potential. And given the success of this first edition, a second half-day is already scheduled for the 15th of March. To be continued!


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