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If you want to think outside the box for your events, go to the Café! by Alix de Montjoye

19 December 2018
VO Café tendances

In January 2019, VO Event is opening its Trends Café, an informal monthly workshop that will boost the creativity of your events!

To give life to its baseline of “Reinventing the code”, VO Event has implemented a programme based on 5 major themes. One of these is “being inspired by the Trends Café”.

The Trends Café is an informal, convivial monthly workshop designed to encourage ideas and inspiration for events. All VO staff will be welcome from January. This will also be an opportunity to encourage a new style of meeting and discussion, in a cool yet gently structured atmosphere...


1 meeting, 1 subject, 1 location

The Trends Café will be opening its doors on the last Friday of every month. Each meeting will be based on a subject decided upon and announced in advance, to give participants a chance to put together their ideas. The objective is to improve and strengthen exchanges on the trends being seen or about to be seen and to share experiences and new sources of inspiration. This is all done in a café style, with an aperitif and some finger food.

Three out of four of the meetings will take place at the agency. The fourth will be arranged off site, each time in a different, inspiring location that reflects the zeitgeist and is in line with the Trends Café spirit and the theme of the month. In other words, an added-value location. Already suggested is the Brussels Street Art Sanctuary or one of the events at the Kanal Museum.


Collective, coordinated thinking

Although informal, the aim of the Trends Café is to set the sights on collective thinking, to encourage new approaches and to enrich the professional background of the participants. And even to create light bulb moments in advance of an event, between the client briefing and our recommendation.

The meetings can also be used by project leaders, to validate some of their ideas or extract others from them, to make the difference and win the client. The discussion might be launched by an expert but, for the sake of consistency and efficiency, will always be coordinated by a master of ceremonies. At the end of the session, the subject for the next meeting will be jointly decided.


Exchange, understanding and relaxation

By reinventing the creativity code in this way, we also hope to reinvent the relationships between the teams. The shared experience of the Café will have the virtue of being a team building exercise that combines exchange, understanding and relaxation. Another special feature is that staff from across the VO spectrum (Citizen, Sense, Voice, etc.) will be welcome to participate in the Trends Café experience. And why not a service provider, if we consider their presence relevant to the topic being addressed? Whether you want to actively participate in the discussion, or simply want to come, listen and eat in a stimulating environment, the goal is that everyone can regularly share ideas and/or a pleasant time with colleagues.

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