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Events of the future will be meaningful by Alexandre Velleuer

27 June 2019
VO Tendances juin 2019

Personalised experience, holistic immersion, anticipation of expectations, new smart technologies...  For 2019 and beyond, the events sector is refreshing and expanding its range of tools to make lasting impressions. VO is at the forefront, but still thinking ahead.

The world is changing - and so too are events, driven by trends that may have begun in recent months but are already a firmly established part of modern thinking for events.

Experience or bust!

The neologism “experiential” is replacing the term “event-driven”, as the concept of providing an immersive guided experience for guests has become the focal point. And the ways and means of achieving this are multiplying -

new technologies, of course, that use either augmented or virtual reality. But there is also a new holistic approach based on the 5 senses, levers of emotion and popular ingredients, for a total, more disruptive experience, placing the participant at the heart of the action.

The development of experiential marketing fits perfectly with VO Event. We are convinced that using experience as a central pivot is crucial to making an impact on minds and generating a sense of well-being, while creating a special bond with the brand. To encourage this, there is nothing like insightful, anticipated knowledge of each visitor's expectations.


And make it personal, please....

This customisation will be tweaked even further thanks to chatbots and regbots, starting with the welcome and continuing through each stage of the event experience. These robots will use artificial intelligence to answer your questions and anticipate your desires.

Each person has different expectations. The event-based offer must adapt to every individual, every personality. And to every taste. Hence the status of the catering offer is also being upgraded and enhanced. Food and drink is all set for diversification, and to be sustainable, healthy and respectful of increasingly disparate dietary profiles.


Brand experience

The quality and originality of the experience being offered to participants is a major challenge in event communication in 2019. Technological developments and innovation are directly influencing the nature of the experience offered to guests.

The advantage of immersing guests in the world of a brand is the creation of a strong emotional connection that will etch the event into the participants' memories. But there is no need for expensive, flashy tricks to evoke strong emotions. These can be the result of original catering or relevant artistic content - and often of a venue chosen for its unusual and/or disruptive character. In this regard, the offering is being blown wide open and magical doors, closed for so long, are finally being opened to host bold events.

In terms of disruption, another - contrasting - trend is developing: NO TECH focuses on the non-technological and the unconnected.


The ability to think and act

However, there is no way VO will allow itself to be passively carried along by any of the numerous trends that are coming to the fore. Internal reflection on the future of events in the light of their current reformulation is under way.

This is essential because current certainties will change tomorrow. A change that is giving VO food for thought. A recent LAB was dedicated to the subject. The question here was what an event will be like in 2025.

VO is also examining the best structure to implement to meet the needs of the market and to guide our strategy for making proposals to our customers. But, above all, to never stop making a difference, reinventing the codes and staying in line with our values, thanks to events of the future that will be meaningful.

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