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Content - the essential element in event experience by Alexandre Velleuer

06 December 2019

The term “experiential” has become established in the vocabulary of communication professionals. To be able to fully deliver the increasingly virtual experiences of consumers, event agencies must rely on the creation of very powerful event emotions. In this context, content in all its forms has a strong role to play in increasing the impact and scope of an event.

Today, with the emergence of digital communities, we at VO Event are convinced of the need to find ourselves In Real Life (IRL) in combination with a digital experience, because nothing can replace direct human contact when celebrating, meeting up, reflecting... together.

In recent years, the concept of the brand experience has developed considerably. The goal has been to create a very powerful emotional bond with the consumer through a variety of marketing tactics, of which events are one of the main vectors - to the extent that the neologism “experiential” is likely to replace the term “event-based”.

Events in search of meaning

In recent years, we have seen a significant evolution in our clients and their communities, who are on a quest to infuse meaning and content into these events.

At VO, events such as 6 Billion Others organised for BNP Paribas Fortis, or the Women in Leadership Summit organised for Levi's, are good examples of societal stances taken by leading brands in their markets. We are also very pleased to be involved in initiatives such as Cap 48 or the Fournier Majoie Foundation in their fundraising efforts, to promote the integration of people with disabilities for the former and cancer research for the latter.

These collaborations confirm that, in addition to underlying trends such as new technologies and personalisation of the experience, content - be it a conference, videos, exhibitions, films, shows presented to participants - is also a key element of this.

“Experiential” content, the magical combination: the Levi Strauss & Co case

Long-term VO customers such as Levi's are very aware of this “experiential” dimension. This is perfectly exemplified by the bi-annual collection launch events organised by VO Event for their sales forces. These collection launches incorporate content involving societal trends, the world of fashion and the evolution of the brand's products, with very powerful experiences.

Indeed, on a single day, Levi's sales teams can combine high quality workshops with &Co talks by inspiring speakers, who talk about the company's societal issues, a stunning fashion show, and finally end the evening to the electronic rhythms of the duo Justice. The result is a powerful, memorable experience that shouts out to be shared with colleagues, family and customers. This type of brand experience is then transformed into stories that feed the legend and authenticity of a brand as strong as Levi's.

For VO Event and its teams, contributing to this type of event is a privilege. It allows us to reinvent the codes of traditional events by combining our best assets: experience, creativity, know-how and content.

The collateral benefits of content

By investing in the content of their event, brands give themselves the opportunity of extending the life of these experiences, of sharing them with the organisation's virtual community. By relaying content on social platforms, participants in events then become brand ambassadors and also contribute to the brand experience.

Let's not forget that, before being videos and podcasts shared by millions on social networks, TEDx events were IRL conferences attended by at most a few thousand people. This is therefore the proof par excellence that investing in promising content can maximise the impact and ROI of your event.

Together, we go further

By combining uniqueness, personalisation, innovation and powerful content, you give yourself the opportunity of turning your event into potentially viral content and of amplifying the benefits of your event and brand experience. Your primary community (employees, customers, investors, etc.) will feel a heightened sense of belonging; your more distant communities will be made aware of your vision and your relevance to future issues. A step will therefore be taken towards a potential relationship. And, these days, sharing a vision and common projects makes us feel stronger and more human. One more time. On our own, we go faster. Together, we go further


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