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How they would like to reinvent the codes... by Manon Glauden

06 June 2019

“Reinventing the code” has been the mantra driving VO for almost 2 years. But what does it actually mean for the members of the team? Have a look!

Committing to reinventing the codes for events means giving yourself the chance to make a difference and, above all, to create meaning through a strong vision. With their personality and approach, each member of VO Event and VO Citizen interprets this in their own way, using energy, desire, creativity, reflection, and passion.

From Alex to Alix, Daphné to Denis, Vinciane to Monica, and all the others, everyone is sketching out a blueprint for constantly rewriting the rules: cultivating collective intelligence, always looking further, changing their perspective, instilling a global concept and personality for VO at every event, believing in their potential to meet any challenge, committing to strong values... In this way they can make themselves stand out from the outset, through innovative, striking, strategic, creative concepts. In short, this is the VO trademark that gives the event more meaning, usefulness, and value-added personality.

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