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Event communication (B2B, B2C)

Whether online or offline, remotely or in person, we are here to support you. VO Event is your partner for conventions, team-building sessions, conferences, brand activation, lifestyle events, company parties, and more.

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Event incentives

A journey? A sporting challenge? A team-building session like no other? Something that will show your staff or clients what makes you stand out from the crowd? We’re up for the challenge!

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That sudden electric shock that comes with a spark of energy! Being disruptive, unorthodox, proactive and visionary to make a mark and keep people on the ball. This is what VO Event believes in.

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There's no point in events communication if it doesn’t leave a lasting impression in attendees’ hearts and minds. It should be a magical, privileged and shared experience that leaves people feeling richer for having attended or like they have witnessed something unique.

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In the ever-changing world of communication, VO Event rises to the technological challenge with a team that is bubbling with creativity and perpetually looking to reinvent and innovate.

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We care… We care a lot! At VO Event, we are not happy to simply kindle the embers within each person. We fan the flame and keep it burning to give you the extra little something that will make your event unique and unforgettable.

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Are you organising an in-house event? VO Event can deal with the events side of things and support you with the style and content of the message you want to put across. From writing your message to drawing up a communication strategy, VO Event helps you hold the attention and gain the support of your team.

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Purpose and responsibility, reason and impressions: the perfect balance to make a message more than a mere communication. In a sector that by definition is short-term, VO Event stands for responsibility and durability.

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VO Event is up for all of your challenges in any field. But we are also an urban event organiser with strong roots in the city and in Brussels. Our expertise in designing, organising and managing large-scale events in the city is second to none.

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VO Event: team building with values. The strength of a team lies in pooling ideas and positive energy. VO Event strengthens the ties that bind you together by pairing practicality and professionalism with fun. We organise exciting, unforgettable experiences that bring you and your colleagues closer together.

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Do you prefer something further afield as the setting for your events and incentives? VO Event can take you beyond our borders for a complete change of scene, but still with the same values and purpose. VO Event: fun for thought...

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Own Event

Or, when VO Event takes things into its own hands! Never short of inspiration, VO Event also creates its own events from scratch – and creativity means being adventurous! There’s no starting budget with these projects because we ourselves are the partners, taking care of every aspect of the event and creating it in the literal sense of the term. For rewriting the rulebook, we’re your team.

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Faster, stronger, higher with VO! Pushing your limits, working as a team, and helping and respecting one another are values that VO Event and the world of sport both have in common. So what could be more natural than combining the two to reach the top? From golf to sailing, vintage car rallies and hockey, VO Event is up for any challenge and promises incentives and team building events that break the mould, both in Belgium and beyond. Ready? Set?

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Reinventing the code
We are ready for it!
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Reshaping events following the crisis

The health and economic crisis has changed the relationship between clients and agencies, as well as our way of working, forever. A revolution has occurred in the sector and, at VO Event, we intend to take advantage of this, to evolve and improve the very nature of events. Read more

Review of VO's transition in 2019

VO Event's eco-responsibility statement for 2019 is positive, as much for the effort put into circularity as for the carbon offsetting of events. 100% of our events have been offset! Read more